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First time on the Motor Carrier Leads™ website?

We are proud to present you our state of the art web based solution
that generates valuable truck and bus sales leads on demand, and
helps you target new prospects by X Date, fleet size and geography,
to mention just a few of our easy to use filters.

Our established relationships with the Department of Transportation,
Federal Highway Administration and many state transportation departments
let us tap the source for accurate information refreshed weekly in order to
optimize your lead generation efforts.

Motor Carrier Leads™ provides easy, online, searchable access to
thousands of interstate truck and bus company insurance leads.


"We've compared several services and found Carrier Software
to have the most current lead data available. Fast, easy to use
and weekly data updates made their
on-line solution an easy choice for our agency."
Kentucky Based Insurance Agency

But dont' take our word for it - see for yourself!

For more information or to request a live demonstratrion, visit
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